Tomahawke Forex Training Room

Announcing . . .

The Hawkeye Tomahawke Trading System

  • Hawkeye Traders releases the new "Tomahawke Scalp Trading System"
  • Optimizes Hawkeye Volume Methods for short-term scalping
  • New low-cost month-to-month subscription model
  • Comes with free training: daily market analysis, live instruction, professional-level trading education
  • Full daily training video reviews available

. . . and much, MUCH more!

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"Highly Recommended!"
- Randy Lindsey


Dear Forex Trader,

Knowing how to scalp trade the Forex markets is the best!

Marcus ToombsOn any typical morning, I simply power up my computer and spend just a few minutes looking over the financial markets.

Then, with my Tomahawke Scalp Trading Software, I can quickly see the highest-profit, low-risk trades I want to take.

And typically within minutes, I’m in and out of my trades and ready to enjoy the rest of the day doing the other things I love.

Hi, my name is Marcus Toombs, and if you’re interested in learning this style of trading, I can show you exactly how to do it too!

The Tomahawke Trading System

Right now, for just $47 you can take a 30 day trial to our daily Scalp Training room to see what the system is all about. This should give you a clear understanding of the power of this software and the scalp trading method I’ve developed.

Then, if you like what you see, you can get access to the entire Tomahawke Software Suite on our early-bird program and lock-in your early-bird rates for as long as you like! At the end of your 30 day trial, your subscription will auto-renew at the early-bird subscription rate of $147 per month, or $97 per month for Professional Package users.

From that point forward, there are no long-term contracts. It’s just $147 per month ($97 per month for Professional Package users) for as long as you want to use the Tomahawke software and participate in the live daily training sessions.

(Everyone who joins later will need to pay $197 or more!)

I could go on and on about the value of scalp trading, the power of the Tomahawke software, and the effectiveness of this method, but the best way for you to see for yourself, is to simply . . .

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To your trading success,
- Marcus Toombs